Welcome, friend

My name is Sasson Amit and I am the CEO and Founder of TAHIRO.

You know, we are living in unbalanced times.

Our lives are busier, and more stressful today than they have ever been.

And despite having a wealth of technology at our fingertips, we still feel like we’re not able to keep up.

We worry that as the minutes and hours tick by, we’re missing out on something. But what that something is, is unclear.

So we try to tie up all the loose ends. To check off everything on our to-do lists.

But that only stretches us beyond our own abilities. Making us feel tired, confused, and sometimes “lost.”

We sense an aching disconnect between our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Yet are not sure what we must do in order to fix it...

As a life coach and mindfulness facilitator, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people bridge these gaps to reclaim their calm, their harmony, and their inner peace in their daily lives.

But what I’ve noticed over the years, is that almost every person who walks through my door reports the same symptoms.

Their minds feel foggy or blurry. And their bodies—sluggish. They lack the energy, and even willpower, to tackle the heavy burdens that weigh their shoulders down.

And though they come from all walks of life—CEOs of multinational companies, public officials, high-profile celebrities, and more—the one core problem they share is a lack of complete nutrition.

Yet as soon as they begin eating certain foods, according to my recommendations, their lives start changing.

They naturally feel more calm. Their minds are less cluttered. And their spirits are more wonderfully lively, bright, and upbeat.

And after seeing time and time again how specific vitamins and minerals transformed my patients in such dramatic ways, I wished to make this transformation available to anyone...who had ever felt as they did.

This is why I founded TAHIRO.

With an emphasis on pure, whole, and nourishing elements, each supplement, each product we create has been tested and formulated to support your health at its optimum level.

And now, I would like to invite you to experience this transformation, this coming together of your mind, body, and spirit—so you can live in harmony and peace with yourself and your loved ones.

Best wishes,

Sasson Amit, Ph.D

Our core values

These values are the core of TAHIRO. They are what we strive to deliver to you, so that you can experience the deep peace, calm, and satisfaction that comes with living a fully balanced and supported lifestyle.


All ingredients are of the highest purity—to help your body absorb them swiftly and completely


Life is short, which is why we’ve invested years of research and testing in each of our products, to ensure they will impact your life positively


All our products are 100% vegan, are Kosher and Halal certified, and are free from fillers, additives, colors, and certain allergens