Giving Back, Changing Lives

The Tahiro scholarship fund aims to support individuals in their pursuit of well-being by providing them with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to live the life they desire.We support the UCLA MARC (Mindfulness Awareness Research Center), a secular institute that aims to spread mindfulness education and research. Our focus is on funding teacher-training programs, particularly for individuals from underprivileged communities, so that they can support and advance the well-being in their own communities.

  • Making a Positive Impact

    Our ultimate goal is to fund and support more teachers who can make a positive impact on communities and individuals' well-being and happiness.

    At Tahiro, we believe in the power of combining functional supplements and traditional practices that together enhance brain function, slow cognitive decline, and improve overall quality of life. By incorporating both modern and ancient approaches, we aim to help individuals live their best life by using the brain’s neuroplasticity to promote well-being and to slow cognitive decline.