Dr. Sasson Amit

Dr. Sasson Amit, Ph.D



Fully accredited and widely recognized as a holistic life coach and mindfulness practitioner Dr. Amit was driven to found Tahiro in order to help more people live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives by supporting optimum brain health.

His knowledge, combined with his deep passion for helping and guiding others, led Dr. Amit to further study the brain-mind connection through metaphysical coaching, psychology, and holistic lifestyle practices. This multi-faceted approach enables Dr. Amit to guide and teach his patients ways of thinking and making decisions in all areas of their professional and private lives through their struggles with much success. He regularly advises and coaches law professionals, doctors, and politicians.


Today, many wellness brands rely on anecdotal evidence, instead of rigorous scientific research, to support their claims of effectiveness. With his extensive knowledge to Improve and preserve brain functioning, Dr. Amit Sasson helps creating proprietary formulas that enable people of all ages and backgrounds to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body.