Nir Avraham

Nir Avraham

Master Formulator

MSc. Biochemistry and a Board Member of The Israeli Association of Herbal Medicine

Nir Avraham is a highly regarded formulator and an expert in
the field of brain health supplements. He has brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise to Tahiro, a leading supplement brand dedicated to enhancing brain health and cognitive function.

Nir's deep understanding of neuroscience and his experience
in herbal medicine and biochemistry have enabled him to create innovative formulations using only the highest-quality, scientifically-proven ingredients. He takes a holistic approach to supplement development, creating unique blends that work synergistically to achieve specific goals, such as improving focus,
reducing stress, and supporting overall brain health.

As a master formulator for Tahiro, Nir has played a crucial
role in developing cutting-edge supplements that have become highly sought after for their effectiveness and quality. He has helped position Tahiro as a leading company for brain health supplements, with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

In addition to his work with Tahiro, Nir is also a respected
field herbalist, Herbal Medicine practitioner, and teacher of Herbal Medicine at various institutions. His extensive experience in guiding herb walks, teaching courses, and supervising new herbal medicine practitioners has further cemented his position as a trusted expert in his field.

Nir Avraham's dedication to quality and scientific rigor,
his deep knowledge of plants and herbs, and his innovative approach to herbal formulation have made him a highly respected expert in the field of herbal medicine.