What Protects The Brain Against Parkinson’s Disease?

What Protects The Brain Against Parkinson’s Disease?What Protects The Brain Against Parkinson’s Disease?
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Parkinson's Disease is a neurological, or brain, disorder that most commonly starts with hand tremors.While not all of the symptoms may appear, and each individual may display different issues, over time, you can expect slowed movements, extreme muscle stiffness, and difficulty with speech.
Research into the treatment and prevention of this condition is ongoing. One of the more promising areas includes studies that have identified respiratory complex-I as a key factor in the disease. The theory is that if the brain is deficient in this complex-I, which is a component of mitochondrial energy, there is a greater chance of developing Parkinson's. It is further considered that if we concentrate on this area, we can prevent this disease from disabling our lives.
One of the best methods to maintain and improve our neural pathways and functions is to provide the proper nutrition and supplements. By maintaining healthy cells, we can deter the loss or deterioration of those components that allow us to function to our optimum.

Key takeaways

  • Good lifestyle habits, such as nutrition, exercise, and proper supplementation, can help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease and help manage the condition. 
  • Boosting your diet with essential fatty acids can provide and support multiple cognitive functions and increase brain health. 
  • Tahiro’s Brain Protect™ features two potent ingredients: pomegranate seed oil, rich in Omega-5, and either cinnamon or hemp seed oil. Pre-clinical testing has demonstrated that this patent-pending formula improves brain function and may help delay the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Various research in the United Kingdom has identified areas:

  • Exenatide is a drug that has previously been used in the treatment of diabetes but is now being studied as it relates to Parkinson's. It mimics hormones that are normally produced naturally. Its use shows that it stimulates functions that reduce inflammation, improve energy production, and help move the brain into survival mode.
  • Glial Cell Line-derived Neurotrophic Factor or GDNF is part of a research project to better understand the protective qualities necessary for a cure.
  • Nerve Growth Factors are proteins that promote neuron reproduction and growth.

Most of us are more concerned with the prevention of Parkinson's.

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