What Happens to the Brain During Dementia?

What Happens to the Brain During Dementia?What Happens to the Brain During Dementia?
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A healthy human brain has tens of billions of neurons. These are the specialized cells that transmit and process information through chemical and electrical signals.

Neurons send messages between the brain’s parts but also from the brain to the body’s organs and muscles. Dementia will disrupt that communication, which results in cell death and loss of function.

Let’s learn more about what happens to the brain during dementia.

Key takeaways

  • Dementia can have several symptoms, such as mood changes, confusion, and difficulty having a conversation. The most predominant symptom is memory loss.
  • As dementia progresses, it damages neurons and connections, leading to significant memory problems and cognitive decline. 
  • Dementia mainly affects the front of the left temporal lobe, which is responsible for memory, understanding language, and storing the meaning of words and facts. 
  • Promoting Brain Health: While there is no cure for dementia, research indicates that exercise, a balanced diet, social engagement, mental stimulation, and incorporating pomegranate supplements may reduce the risk of dementia. Pomegranate supplements are recognized for their ability to reduce oxidative stress in brain cells, a major contributor to brain degeneration.

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