Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health in Both Ancient and Modern Times

Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health in Both Ancient and Modern Times

Do you look at your life as many important pieces that coincide? Are you aware of everything that goes into the way you feel and think? Look at the ways your mind connects with your body and soul, you will begin to understand what your purpose and passions consist of. 

It is necessary to understand the value of a positive perspective on every part of your life. Not only is physical health important, but maintaining strong mental and spiritual practices will ensure longevity as well as overall happiness and satisfaction. We will dive into the historical view of human health as well as the modern approach to establishing the most positive and vigorous life. 

Spiritual Health

Since ancient times, spiritual health has been the priority in promoting a sense of well being. Although religious and nonreligious people tend to experience equal amounts of stress, it has been observed that religion may help people deal better with negative life events and their attendant stress. Historically, religious activities have given people a sense of purpose, community and value. 

The first reason spiritual health is so important is it gives a sense of belonging. Though we do not know what lies outside of this realm, no matter what you believe, believing in itself will give you hope. This sense of hope is another reason spirituality is valuable, you find not only belonging but peace. Spirituality doesn’t have to coexist with religion, whether it’s finding purpose in your day or spending time meditation, adding that inner peace and guidance will improve your mindset. 

Mental Health 

Mental health is the newest sector of human well being, the idea that the way our minds work affects our health was not discovered until 1909. At that point, scientists realized that our mind is more than a group of neurons and cells; it has true potential to create a positive or negative reality around our lives. 

Unfortunately, in ancient times, mental well being wasn’t looked at in such a positive light. It was thought that someone was hysterical or possessed if they struggled with depression or any other mental illnesses. Nowadays we have medicine and therapy methods that can help ease the struggles of mental ailments. 

To ensure your mental health is a priority in your life, spend time doing things you enjoy and can relax while experiencing. If you feel you have issues that require medical attention or therapy, get help sooner than later, it will improve the quality of your life. 

Physical Health

If you look back to the Stoics, one of the most revered groups of people for their dedication and thoughtfulness, they practiced intense mindfulness around physical health. Marcus Arelius, the Roman Emperor and Stoic, valued the slow and valuable mindset around food and exercise. He opposed gluttony and encouraged his followers to eat basic foods that came from the earth. 

Though modern day diets are filled with many ideas, we can take ideas from the Stoics. Even more so, our world is full of food that we don’t know where it comes from or what it is made of. When it comes to physical health it is important to get back to the basics. Simply get your body moving in whatever way feels good for you, whether that be a walk or a bike ride or even lifting weights.

When it comes to food, make it simple. Eat the veggies and look to find grass fed meats and locally grown grains. Make sure you are getting the correct nutrients to properly fuel your body. Stop eating when you’re full, and follow Arelius’s idea that gluttony should never be a part of your life. The goal of eating and physical activity is to stay alive in an optimum fashion. 

How to align the three

It may seem daunting to have to prioritize so many aspects of your life. Start to look at what you enjoy, whether that be on a physical fitness level or what foods you eat. These hobbies can be a way to improve your mental and spiritual health. If you can find hobbies, interests and passions that bring together these three integral aspects of your body you will find it easy to live a joyful and holistic life.